Mike Pappas

Mike Pappas

CEO & Co-Founder


Mike Pappas is the CEO/Co-founder of Modulate, which uses machine learning to make online voice chat more immersive and inclusive. Mike’s work at Modulate ranges from developing new partnerships within the industry, monitoring trends and new opportunities for Modulate’s unique technology to have a positive impact, and reinforcing an internal and external culture of passion, respect, and personal growth.


Mike graduated from MIT with a BS in Physics and Applied Mathematics in 2014. Before Modulate, Mike spent time at Bridgewater Associates working on cloud technology until  joining Lola Travel as an early employee to learn more about building a startup from an experienced entrepreneur (CEO Paul English, who co-founded Kayak.com.) Outside of work, his passions include philosophizing about group cultures and dynamics, video games, and creating experimental cocktails.

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