Ania Catherine & Dejha Ti

Dejha Ti & Ania Catherine

Artists & Co-Founders


Dejha Ti and Ania Catherine are an LA and Berlin-based experiential artist duo. Referred to as “the two critical contemporary voices on digital art’s international stages” (Clot Magazine) and “LGBT power couple” (Flaunt) the duo is known for their signature poetic approach to technology. Both conceptual artists, their expertise collide through their collaborative practice merging environments, technology, and performance—Ti with an extensive background in immersive art and human-computer interaction (HCI), and Catherine a recognized choreographer, performance artist and London School of Economics gender scholar. They’ve been featured on BBC, Bloomberg ART+TECHNOLOGY, Christie’s Art+Tech Summit, SXSW, Ars Electronica, as well as recognized by the Lumen Prize, S+T+ARTS Prize, and ADC Awards.

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