The future is us

Synthetic Futures is a community of individuals, companies, and organizations dedicated to shaping a positive future for synthetic media in its many different forms.

We celebrate synthetic media’s immense creative potential when used ethically and responsibly, while also working together to address the technology’s malicious uses and unexpected consequences

We come together through our quarterly live-streamed events, creating content to help educate wider society, and our community Discord server.

We believe the future will be synthesised. Now it’s up to us to decide how.

Synthetic Futures cares about:

// Synthetic media and AI ecosystems

// Ethical, cultural and social challenges

// Countering malicious forms of ‘deepfakes’

// Generative art and music

// AR & VR

// Face swap apps & AI filters

// The building blocks of the metaverse

// Avatars and virtual people

// VFX and editing tools

// Synthetic data

// IP ownership in virtual worlds

// Text generation and language models

// The future of work

Frequently asked questions

Q: What commitments are involved in joining Synthetic Futures?

A: None! We’d love our community to be active, but our members can engage as much or as little as they want.

Q: Is Synthetic Futures a commercial entity?

A: Synthetic Futures engages in no commercial activity. We are financially supported by our sponsors.

Q: Is Synthetic Futures for individuals or organizations?

A: Both! Any individual, business, or organization interested in the Synthetic Futures community and vision are welcome.

Q: Is Synthetic Futures part of Metaphysic?

A: Synthetic Futures is initiated and is sponsored by Metaphysic, but is a distinctly governed and independent entity.

Q: Can I get involved in Synthetic Futures events?

A: Yes! If you have an idea for talks, panels, or showcases, we’d love to hear from you.

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